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My name defines who I am.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

My parents spelled my name Brion with an "o" because they wanted to be original.  They snubbed the most common spelling  Brian with an "a" by simply swapping the vowel a for the vowel "o".Through this seemingly futile attempt at being original, I was entitled the most uncommon spelling of my name.  Although the purposes of names are for people to identify themselves and others, my name has also shaped my life.


My name and my personality are linked.  Throughout my numerous social encounters I came to realize that my name was truly unique.  It indicated to me that in order to get what we want out of life we must explore what it lays in front of us.  In my parents case, they wanted to do more than give me a common name like Brian, and they did this by exploring spelling variations and eventually making a subtle vowel exchange.  My name illustrates my personality.


I  live life by exploring what it lays in front of me.   I accomplish this through my creativity, my social experiences, and my travels.  Through my creativity I discover new ways of looking at myself and  what surrounds me.   Painting, drawing, and writing allow me to express who I am and how I see the world.  Through my social experiences I discover how others see the world and their perception of me. Meeting new people and sharing their experiences with my own improve my interpersonal and communicative skills . Through my travels I experience other cultures and lifestyles that help me to become a well-rounded individual.  Travelling shows me that all customs, cultures, and lifestyles have something to offer one another and that they should all be respected. I explore what life has to offer me through my experiences.


"That's Brion with an 'o'" , has become more than just a spelling tip, it's a statement about myself and my individuality.  I am creative, sociable, and outgoing.  All of these characteristics of my personality influence who I am and how I live my life.