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What is it?

This square and circle say a lot about journalism. 


As journalists we must always be looking for an original angle on a story while adhering to strict deadlines.


The challenge in designing this logo was finding something simple that says a lot.


The circle is just outside the square to show thinking out of the box.  It also symbolizes a clock to show how journalists are always working towards a deadline.  The edges of the square inside the circle represent the hands of a clock (the vertical second hand is thinner than the horizontal hour hand.)


Orange and navy were chosen because they are slightly different from the standard red and blue colours that we see too often.   I also wanted at least one colour in my logo to match my portfolio and résumé binder. 


At first, I wanted my logo to remind people of my name. After playing with a few designs, I decided that that a name doesn't tell people much about my abilities.  I put the old designs away and started to develop a logo that could show my abilities as a journalist. 


I decided to stick with this logo since it uses basic shapes and colours and it shows the different aspects of journalism.